About Us & Dogs

Always Striving for Health, Beauty and Function

The Ladysdale partnership is made up of Dorothy Park, Sharon Kelly and Jane Hough. 

Dorothy and Jane live in Northern Ireland and have both successfully bred and shown Irish Setters & Gordon Setters long before the partnership included Sharon from the ROI. Under the Ladysdale flag  Irish Champions , UK Champions and International honours have been gained.

For us it has to be about how easy a dog is to live with as well as the pleasure they give in the show ring or the field. Temperament and health are paramount whatever the breed.

From Red to Black & Tan

A colour Journey

We began with that most glorious of Gundogs, the Irish Setter, closely followed by the Gordon Setter and that started the Black & Tan obsession! Manchester Terriers arrived and then the Black & Tan Coonhounds bounced into our lives.

Making a Choice

If you are thinking of buying a Puppy....

Bringing in a new family member with four legs takes research and care.

The right breed for your situation is so important. If space is at a premium in your home you really do not want a large breed like the Coonhound, it would be like having a small pony in your living room!

We are more than happy to talk to you about our lovely dogs and help you make the right, lifelong decision for you and your family.

A Dog is for Life.....

They deserve the best that life can offer

The Irish Setter

You might not be aware but there are two distinct "types" of Irish Setter. The original Irish Setter was bred for the field, he was quick across the ground, quite small but with a nose that could find one of the smallest most difficult to scent birds, the snipe. Over the years the showring has increased the glamourous coat through selective breeding, the dog has become larger all over and the head shape has radically changed, the colour has darkened and the temperament has altered to produce a less athletically inclined dog . They remain the most gentle and fun companions but beware, they need steady training and consistent exercise.


The Gordon Setter

Like the Irish Setter bred to work with the Gun in the field but this black and tan setter is heavier all round, he had to work through the unforgiving ground of the Scottish estates where a dog with the same characteristics as the "heavyweight hunter" horse could go all day without tiring.

Independent and opinionated the Gordon Setter is not a dog for everyone but win his heart and you will never find another more loyal companion.

The Manchester Terrier

Terriers have all been bred to control vermin but that doesn't mean they are all fiesty fighters. The Manchester is bright,curious and companionable.This tough little breed was until relatively recently on the vulnerable Native British Breeds register but people are realising why this courageous black and tan deserves a place at their fireside.


The Black & Tan Coonhound

A sizable breed with stunning long ears and an incredible sense of smell. 

Like all hounds they have a bay when they give voice, it really is a hairs on the back of the neck moment when several of them sing together.

Affectionate and biddable they need consistent training and sufficient exercise , a special dog for special people